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Genetic Testing Options

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Genetic testing has opened the doors to improved breeding choices. Not only are the tests more readily available, they also cover a broad range of genetic mutations and are affordable.

In the past, breeding decisions were made by doing test matings between closely related animals in order to uncover recessive diseases.  Now, all it takes is a buccal swab. 


In the US, UC Davis’s Veterinary Genetics Laboratory or VGL has been the standard by which most others are measured.  Dr. Leslie Lyons, now with University of Missouri, still support the lab and works closely with them.

The turn around time is a matter of days for VGL, but the cost is higher than commercial labs.  However, that cost does go to supporting the work the lab offers.  

Optimal Selection/Wisdom Panel offers a comprehensive panel test for a reasonable price.  You can also receive a discount through your TICA membership. 

The results take an average of 2-3 weeks for turnaround time.  However, this includes 50 mutations, 27+ traits, blood type, and a diversity percentage.  They are adding new mutations to their line up as they become available and consistently adding new features.  

MyCatScan is a decent, affordable comprehensive panel test for diseases and traits.  The turn around time is decent at about 2 weeks.  Not terribly flashy, but a good panel test for traits and diseases.

Orivet is another service that offers panel tests.  However, Orivet is priced significantly higher for an equivalent number of traits and diseases when compared to Optimal Selections and MyCat Scan. 

Turn around time is also around 2-3 weeks.

Neogen offers a very basic DNA test in association with CFA.  It tests for a handful of diseases and traits for a fairly economical price with additional diseases for an add on price.  They do not offer a comprehensive panel of traits and diseases comparable to some of the other labs.